Bah Humbug Cats?

Scrooge walking alone

Has this elections season brought you down? I don’t know about you, but I need a way to feel good about life again. And I have just the remedy we’ve been looking for…

I’m sure you’ve seen 10 different productions of A Christmas Carol, but never read it. Well, this is your opportunity to read the Dickens classic. I have to admit, I had never read it either, but when I picked it up for this project, I was instantly hooked. Do yourself a favor and enjoy this story in bite sized chunks. will publish A Christmas Carol in serialized format. Each weekday (Monday through Friday), I’ll post an episode of approximately 800 words, accompanied by an original illustration of your favorite characters as cats. Yes, you read that right, cats. The serial will run from November 7 to December 23, 2016. What better way to experience this beautifully written story? 

Look for the first episode here on November 7, 2016. All subsequent episodes will appear at

Though Dickens published A Christmas Carol in December of 1843, its powerful message of charity, good will, and redemption still resonates. In addition, the book has been attributed with popularizing the phrases “Merry Christmas” and “Bah, humbug,” as well as making Scrooge one of the most recognized characters in Western literature.

Enjoy, and Merry Christmas with Cats…

bah humbug cats Scrooge as a cat
Scrooge as a cat

A Note on copyright:

A Christmas Carol exists in the public domain, so you may reprint the text without permission. However, the illustrations are original works by David Borden, and, thus, subject to copyright protection. You may share these posts, (in fact, I encourage it) if you attribute the illustrations to David Borden and supply the following link: The images may not be sold or used in connection with an item for sale without permission from Mr. Borden.


bah humbug cats…

Bah Humbug Cats and A Christmas Carol

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