What do you get when 15th century demons and aliens converge on Earth for their final battle? Boscians: Robots Aliens Monsters!

Boscians: Robots Aliens Monsters Comic Vol. 1 page 1 by David Borden
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Boscians: Robots Aliens Monsters: The Story

Commander Quassel leads a doomed expedition to find fuels for his dying planet. Time running out, his fleet near exhaustion, they discover a wormhole across the galaxy to Earth. Their mortal enemy, the Boscians, whom they fought centuries before, are close on their tail. Can they get the resources they need from the resistant residents of Earth before the Boscians find them? The extermination of an entire species lies in the balance.

Inspired by the astounding works of Hieronymus Bosch (1450-1516). In fact, Hieronymus Bosch must have observed the last battle in the First Boscian war. He mistook the combatants as angels and devils, when in fact they were monsters and aliens… who have now returned for their final showdown.

Boscians Robots Aliens Monsters, page 21
Page 21

Release Date:

Boscians: Robots Aliens Monsters will be released on November 17, 2017 at Austin ComicCon. Come out and enjoy the fun.   I will be there all three days: November 17-19 — get 20% off your ticket price when you use the code SCRIBBLE at checkout. http://wizardworld.com/comiccon/austin

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Boscians: Robots Aliens Monsters. Vol. 1 cover
Boscians: Robots Aliens Monsters, cover

Story and Art by award-winning artist David Borden. Learn more about him at https://scribblefire.com/david-borden-writer-artist/.

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Boscians: Robots Aliens Monsters