Cat Divination:

cat divination

A Journey into the Lost Art of Felidomancy with the White Cat Oracle

Tap into the power and mystery of our feline friends through cat divination and receive clarity and insight.

  • Gain knowledge that could improve your health and well-being
  • Increase your happiness
  • Find divine love
  • Inquire about your pathway to wealth
  • Explore the joy of cat divination
  • and more…

Do daily draws or whole spreads. The White Cat is purring for you…

White cat oracle card depicts a white cat sitting on a cloud with Egyptian wings. It has a flaming halo. Card by David Borden. Cat Divination.
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Below you can see a few of the images from the set of 55 cards.

The deck consists of six suits: Lions, Tigers, Jaguars, Kittens, Sphinx, and Chimeras. Each suit has 9 cards. The six suits of nine equals 54 cards, plus the White Cat Oracle, renders a deck of 55. The deck draws deeply from symbolism and numerology with a sprinkling of history. Cat divination has never been so vibrant and fun with cards that express the mystery and mischievousness of our feline friends.


Sphinx card from the White Cat Oracle deck by David Borden. Cat Divination.The Sphinx.

The Nine Card (though it bears no number because it is also a “suit” card and represents the entirety of the suit of Sphinxes.

Head of a human and a body of a lion, from ancient Egypt. In the Greek tradition, they sometimes even had wings. Sphinxes are treacherous and merciless. They talk in riddles and eat those who fail to solve their puzzles. The Egyptian sphinx is a guardian more than a monster. It always faces the rising sun in the east, toward Ra, the sun god. In fact, Ra was sometimes referred to as the great “Tom Cat.” The sphinx card shows us the potential of a monster or guardian. She protects our most precious things, she can be kind and rewarding, or ugly and fierce. She is the keeper of the key. Use your wisdom and intellect, and she will help you unlock the greatest secrets.



Polydactyl cat card from the White Cat Oracle deck by David Borden. Cat Divination.Polydactyl

The Seven Card in the Suit of Chimeras.

Polydactyl cats, or cats with multi-fingered paws, are seen as good luck symbols. This card belongs to the suit of Chimera’s, whose symbol resides at the top of the card (notice that all the cards pictured have their suit symbol at the top). This is the seventh card in the suit, so it holds the position of the “Scholar.” The Scholars were the emergent heroes of the Enlightenment. The scholars are about introspection, luck, and planning. The Key Words for this card are: patience, introspection, education, learning, teaching, and  looking to the past for patterns and insight. The polydactyl cat protects and encourages transcendent intellectual relationships.



The Leaping Cat card from the White Cat Oracle deck by David Borden. Cat Divination.The Leaper

The One Card in the Suit of Tigers

Don’t let the fact that this card is the “lowest” card in its suit lull you into thinking that it isn’t a powerful card. This cat is captured mid leap. He is jumping from one platform to another. Below his is a lighted candle. The candle represents danger, but also illumination. We don’t know if the cat will successfully complete his journey, but that’s less important than the fact that he’s found the courage to make the leap. The window outside is dark. Night holds many mysteries, but luckily, this night, a crescent moon is present to guide the way. Like the candle, which it is perfectly positioned over, it affords light, but not much. That is because it is up to us to provide the courage and the rest of the light to complete our journey successfully.


The Glutton Cat card from the White Cat Oracle Deck by David Borden. Cat Divination.

The Glutton

The Five Card in the Suit of Jaguars

The Glutton tells us to be wary of the temptations to overdo things. This cat appears to have knocked the bird cage to the floor, wrenched it open, and consumed the bird. Five yellow feathers loll about the happy, sleeping cat. What will be the consequence of his actions? What will happen when his people see what he’s been up to? This card is associated with the following Key Words: Worldly, material wealth, pursuit of pleasure, deal maker, planning, domination, opening new markets, gluttony, selfishness, egotism, and narcissism.


The Birder Cat card from the White Cat Oracle Deck by David Borden. Cat Divination.The Birder

The Three Card in the Suit of Lions

The first suit. The cats in this suit are noble, if not prideful. These are the cats who hold their tails high and take orders from no one. These cats follow their own path and are staunchly independent. They make thing happen and have strong personalities. However, if they are not careful, they can tend toward self-importance and narcissism. Although lions are mighty hunters (especially the females), they gather half of their food from scavenging, which makes them cunning and resourceful. Lions command the top of the food chain, even putting pressure on humans in their environment. This hunter watches a bird take flight over a hedgerow. He stalks the big prey even though there is a grasshopper right next to him. This card challenges us to consider the big prize and weigh the advantages of going for it against the safety of the smaller, albeit less appetizing, meal close at hand.


The Altruist Card from the White Cat Oracle deck by David Borden. Cat Divination.

The Altruist

The Seven card in the Suit of Kittens

Water figures prominently in this card. Water symbolizes flowing emotions and the fluidity of life. It embodies intuition, healing, and cleansing. The black cat in the card grooms her friend. She sits in front of a large water urn that represents a great store of wellness if one engages in altruism. When we help others, our reservoir only gets deeper. The other cat receives the gift of altruism. Next to her is a cup that has spilled. The water is free flowing here. But we have to be careful not to let the water be wasted or used without gratitude. Seven stars appear in the background to remind us that luck governs over those who give and receive with grace and gratitude.



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