These Endangered Species mini-paintings by award winning artist David Borden celebrate animals who have come off the Most Endangered List. Through conservation and efforts by many people, these animals have come back from the verge of extinction. “To celebrate this success story, I’ve decided to paint a series of portraits of pandas, island foxes, kiwis, grizzlies, and many more.”

Oil Paintings of Endangered Species, 4 x 4 inches on panel
Seven Endangered species to come off the most endangered list

From top left to bottom right: Chatham Petrel, Gray Whale, Grizzly Bear, Northern Brown Kiwi, Island Fox, Panda, Wood Stork.

Wouldn’t you love to show your support by buying these lovely paintings?

This special offer: Buy all 7 for the price of 5. Each painting normally sells for $50, but until December 31, you can get this first set of paintings at an unbelievable discount in the Scribblefire shop.

Shipping within the US included.

7 Endangered Species portraits

Each painting is 4 x 4 inches

Oil on panel

Of course, if you only wish to buy one painting for $50, you’re welcome to do so. Just email me at the address below. I’m also inclined to negotiate a discount on any order of more than 1.

In Austin, Texas I can hand deliver these paintings in time for Christmas.

Outside the United States, contact David directly at for shipping cost.

Learn more about other animals who’ve come back from the brink at WWF.

Celebrate Endangered Species Who’ve Come off the List
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