About ScribbleFire

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” — Rumi

What is our purpose at ScribbleFire?

Burning away the facade to reveal the underlying perfection of the world.

A lot of people feel like outsiders. I sure used to… and still do to some extent. The difference, now, is that I don’t care what people think. I want to help other people see that what starts with a little scribble inside themselves can become a huge flame that burns away the piles of social/cultural junk that weighs us down. Once that stuff is gone, you can become the free, independent person you want to be. I achieve this goal in the only ways I can: writing and drawing.

I’m looking for people who want to join with me to create a better world by healing themselves, pursuing their passions, and spreading happiness.

Meet David Borden, Founder

photograph of writer artist, David Borden
David Borden

David Borden is an award winning artist and writer. About a year and a half after his teen-aged daughter died unexpectedly, he founded ScribbleFire. Our motto is: what starts with a scribble ___ (you fill in the blank). That’s exactly how he feels. ScribbleFire gives him the place to experiment with writing, illustration, story-telling, and fine art. He spent his adult career in service of literacy as a teacher, educational program manager, and college administrator in both the United States and abroad. As a leader in adult literacy, he is a sought after public speaker, presenter, and trainer. He blogs at http://dsborden.blogspot.com

“My first daughter, Savannah, suffered a traumatic brain injury at birth. She had multiple significant disabilities and was medically fragile. I invested much of life into caring for her. In return, she taught me a lot about myself and the world… especially depression, grief, and perseverance. She also taught me about compassion and hope. It is the latter two attributes that I wish to bring to my work with ScribbleFire.”

David is┬ápassionate about receiving snail mail. If you’d like to send him a letter, you can reach him at:

David Borden
c/o ScribbleFire
PO Box 200512
Austin, TX 78720

“Art is hope against cynicism, creation against entropy. To make art is both an act of love and defiance.” — Molly Crabapple