The first 12 letters, or chapters if you will, of Flightless are now under one cover as Book 1.

The Sorcerer Nathair from Flightless by David Borden

The Story:

Step into Aos, a mythical world of dragons, strange creatures, and harrowing adventure! Assana, your letter writing host, wants nothing better than carry on her family tradition as a sorceress. However, her study is interrupted when she encounters Kai, a boy from the farthest reaches of the empire. A dragon has leveled his village, even though no one has seen a live dragon in over five hundred years. What’s more mysterious is that Assana and Kai share matching amulets. Together, they undertake an heroic quest. In the process, they get swallowed in a sea of intrigue and treachery and meet a wide array of amusing and unusual characters. They unravel the mystery of the dragon and its ancient curse. Using cunning and perseverance, Assana learns that magic comes in many forms and that flying is within our grasp.

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Flightless Book 1 cover. Shows a woman with wings flying over night landscape
Flightless Book 1 Cover

Flightless Book 1 will be released at Austin Comic Con, Nov. 17, 2017. The first two people who come to my table in Artist Alley and reference this blog post will get a free copy!

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