And Yet We Rise:

A Tale of Coping, Overcoming, and Transcending

Praise for the graphic novel:

Page 1 from the Introduction of And Yet We Rise, graphic novel by David Borden
Page 1 from And Yet We Rise

“I just finished your book. And OMG!!! I Loved It. It was a Beautiful tribute to Savannah. I Laughed , I Cried., and I definitely could relate. As I too am a care giver for my elder parents. Amazing!!” –Alisa Blackwell

“…man, this was a refreshing graphic novel. An honest look at life with a medically fragile child. Heartbreaking and beautiful. Well written with superb illustrations. I read this book in one sitting.” — Tony Guyton

About the Story:

Meditative, humorous, and raw, And Yet We Rise: a story, that at its core, is about Overcoming and Transcending, dares to dive into the hidden world of long-term care-giving. This graphic novel explores the trials and tribulations with frankness and humility without ever becoming sentimental or sappy. A rare book, indeed.

The drawings are quietly stunning. They guide you through a disorienting landscape of intense complexity with their deciptively simple lines. You feel like you are getting a glimpse, not only into the artist’s private sketch book, but his life.

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And Yet We Rise, book cover, by Artist and writer, David Borden

Overcoming and Transcending:

“You are going to want to stop and read this in one sitting, because it will grab a hold of you and not let go until the end. Hmmm…kind of like life; like the life David describes in his book, where something wonderful and awful hits you at the exact same time and there is no looking back and no stopping it until one day it is over and you are filled with sadness and relief at the same time, and how do you deal with that? David dealt with it by writing and drawing this book, which is a gift to all the rest of us, who can’t articulate it so well. He tells the story of caring for his daughter with significant disabilities from her birth until she died just before her 16th birthday. As the caregiver of someone with a disability who shared a birthday with Savannah (April 1) and died in the same year as Savannah (2015), this book helped me so much. Even though our circumstances were so completely different, so much applied. David does not hold back from telling this story with brutal honesty and that is very refreshing to read. Being in the graphic novel format was very satisfying to me as a visual learner. One small black and white line drawing can say so much more than words sometimes. I encourage everyone, not just caregivers to read this book. It will give you a new perspective on life, death, and everything in between.” Amazon Customer

Story and Art by award-winning artist David Borden. Learn more about him at

Savannah and David Borden overcoming and transcending on an exercise ball.
David with Savannah

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overcoming and transcending

Overcoming and Transcending in Unique Graphic Novel