And Yet We Rise

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What readers are saying:

“What a powerful, moving ┬ástory. Thank you for this loving gift.” Linda

“I became completely engrossed with each sitting… I found myself thinking about Savannah’s story during the days, and even though it was painful to read, i look forward to it every night. Thank you for being brave enough to share Savannah’s story.” Kim

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And Yet We Rise, book cover, by Artist and writer, David BordenAnd Yet We Rise (softcover book)

From the Back Cover:

Meditative, humorous, and raw, And Yet We Rise, dares to dive into the hidden world of care-giving a disabled loved one. This graphic novel explores the beauty and heartbreak with frankness and humanity.

If you live long enough, a loved one– or even you– will become disabled, but honest information is rare. This book tackles the hard questions:

How do you care for someone who won’t get better?

How do you deal with feeling grief and relief at the same time?

Love it or hate it, you will have an opinion about this ground-breaking graphic novel.

This book calls to anyone who knows desperation, loneliness, or sorrow. It packs a powerful message: Not everything must be fixed… and, in fact, even significant disability and death are normal and natural– not to feared or fought, but embraced as integral parts of the human experience.

The drawings are quietly stunning. They guide you through a disorienting landscape of intense complexity with their deceptively simple lines. You feel like you are getting a glimpse, not only into the artist’s private sketch book, but his life.

A chapter from this book won the 2016 Pen 2 Paper Contest for Comics.

Softcover: 5 x 8 inches
Pages: 256
Language: English
Black and White illustrated graphic novel
Author: David Borden

ISBN: 978-1-36-625779-6

Printed in the United States of America

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And Yet We Rise


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