Original, Hand-Drawn Cards, Box of 5

$49.99 Sales Tax not included

Unique, hand-drawn art by David Borden, box of 5 cards.



“A wonderful surprise every time!”

Do you need to send something truly unique that stands out from the deluge of $1 cards printed in China? Send someone the gift of original art. This box of 5 cards are all hand-drawn, original creations. You have no idea what you’ll get… and neither do I. Drawings are black and white, sometimes with a touch of gray… but that’s all you’ll be able to predict. And what an incredible deal… you could easily spend more than $5 per card for a manufactured card at a swanky shop.  For just a little bit more, you can get five original drawings.

Open a box of surprises.

Will you get a dragon, a lion, a double-base, a street scene from downtown Austin, an anonymous person in a cafe, or Bill Murray? Your friends will talk about these cards for years to come. Some customers can’t bear to actually send my cards in the mail and have told me they framed them for their wall instead. What are you waiting for? Throw yourself on the random, whimsy of the creative process!

But I want to tell you what to draw!

Tut, tut… that will cost you about $50 per card. I’m a professional artist, after all. I’ve priced this box of cards at a discount to encourage you to step outside the box (the big box retailers, that is) and take a chance with purchasing original art. If you want a drawing by commission, drop me a line at david@scribblefire.com and we can discuss your project.

All cards are hand drawn by award-winning, Austin-based artist, David Borden. These are not supermarket greeting cards. Take a chance, embrace the unknown and you will be rewarded.

Drawing of Bill Murray by David Borden


5 x 7 inches
110 lbs card stock
Blank inside
5 envelopes
5 cards to a box

Note: The Bill Murray Card pictured here is not available. All Original Cards are a one of kind. This card will never exist again.

Original, Hand-Drawn Cards, Box of 5


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