Limited Edition Phoenix Print

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Hand-painted, original lino print of a phoenix rising.

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Limited Edition Phoenix Print

linoleum block print of the phoenix by David BordenAfter a long hiatus from printing, I’ve returned with a phoenix print. The phoenix is an ancient symbol of rebirth and renewal. The black image is a hand-pulled, relief print from a carved, linoleum block, which makes each print an original work. After the oil-based ink dries (which takes about a week), I paint the image with water color. Because each print is original, the color may vary from the image you see here.

“The creator sun god, in the form of a benu-bird, stands on a mound of land rising out of the primordial sea, divine light emerging from infinite darkness. The first cry from the benu’s throat sets time in motion.” –Egyptian creation story, as reported by Herodotus, 5th century BCE

hand painted linoleum phoenix print.. Limited Edition by David BordenSPECIFICATIONS:

Signed and numbered limited edition of 40
Hand painted with water color
8 x 10 inches image
11 x 14, 140 lbs. archival paper

Limited Edition Phoenix Print