Yule Package

$80.00 Sales Tax not included

These are not watercolors, but pen ink and brush. The professional quality ink lends an extraordinary luminosity to the work.

4 ink drawings

6 x 9 inches

140 lbs. watercolor paper

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In certain traditions, before Santa Claus, there was the Yule Father, played by Odin. He reigned over winter celebrations. In honor of that tradition, I’ve drawn him with his faithful wolf and ravens. He’s slung a great sack of gifts over his shoulder. He shushes the viewer as an homage to his alter egos of St. Nick and Santa Claus.

Other drawings in the group:

A medieval bear dancing with skeletons

The princess from the story of St. George and the Dragon

A bow hunter

These drawings are normally only sold at shows, such as Comic Con Austin for $20 each for a total cost of $80. However, until January 1, these drawings will be on sale: buy 3 get one free. In other words, you get all four for the price of 3.

These original ink drawings look great matted and framed.

6 x 9 inches

140 lbs water color paper


Yule Package

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