RCC: Republican or Democrat?

Red Cap Cat’s press agent, Kelly-Anne¬†Tweetsmith, reports that several news outlets have requested that Red explain whether he’s a Republican or Democrat, so they will know how to properly slant their reporting. They are concerned that they may use the wrong “alternate facts” with regard to coverage of Mr. Red. In fact, Red’s detractors claim that his actions and words have been of an unequivocally ambiguous nature, which many find disturbing and possibly offensive. Dr. Rosenthal, of the Petty Party Politics Policy Center (PPPPC), a Santa Barbara based think tank, weighed in on the subject earlier today, “Every American should affiliate themselves with a political party,” he says. “To think independently or want to transcend ‘us versus them’ is shameful. This is America, for crying out loud!”

We go now to Red’s home to take his statement:

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Red Cap Cat, or Red for short, is the cousin of author, lounger, and social gadfly, Charlie Cat.

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Please direct all requests for interviews to Mr. Red’s press agent, Kelly-Anne Tweetsmith.

Red Cap Cat Addresses the Question of Republican or Democrat!