Breaking NEWS! Trump Inauguration

There are those in the media clamoring for answers regarding whether Red Cap Cat will, in fact, attend the Trump Inauguration. Rumors are flying. Sources close to he feline hint that he may not attend. Reporters from CNN, Fox, Le Monde, The London Times, and Fisherman’s Weekly have encircled Red’s home. The writer from the Washington Post attempted to enter through Red’s cat door, but found the hole too small to accommodate his man bun.

In order to settle this controversy, Red has decided to talk directly to the people, without media filters. Our cameras were rolling as he made a statement…

Learn more about how to Make America Purr Again.


Red Cap Cat, or Red for short, is the cousin of author, lounger, and social gadfly, Charlie Cat.

Charlie Cat, with the help from the father/daughter team of David and Ruby Borden, has written a charming book, Make America Purr Again, for anyone looking for comfort in these troubled times. Charlie outlines seven cat behaviors  that would help us all get along better if we humans put them into practice. Lovingly illustrated by David and Ruby, this book will make you smile and feel better about the world.

PURR image of Red Cap Cat similar to Obama Hope poster

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Please direct all requests for interviews to Mr. Red’s press agent, Kelly-Anne Tweetsmith.

Will Red Cap Cat Boycott the Trump Inauguration?