Finally, Consulting that You’ll Enjoy

consulting with comics icon Individuals and organizations face big, hairy, complex problems.  Often, they struggle to sort out the issues themselves, not because they lack skill, but because they need a fresh perspective.  It can be difficult and confusing. I know. I’ve been there. Perhaps you’ve tried various methods for bringing the complexity-beast under control, such as making lists, Gantt charts, or creating work-arounds. You realized that you need a little assistance, so you’ve considered hiring a consultant, a coach, or a retreat facilitator, but you dread it. Why? Because you’ve seen it all before and don’t want the same-old, same-old.


I believe attacking hard issues doesn’t have to feel like punishment. Why not insert a little fun and humor? Research shows that laughter brings people together. In addition, enjoyment of an activity helps memory and commitment to the goal. Activating the creative centers of your brain stimulates innovative thinking and fresh perspectives on difficult problems.

What is the Service?

So, let me help you map out your complex problem by using systems principles from cartoons and comics. I’ll give you the tools to transform big, hairy problems into visual elements. Using simple shapes, color, and sequencing, we can break down complex issues into manageable chunks. This method will help you and your team to conceptualize issues and get organized.

Though we may have a lot of fun, serious work will get done. You will apply systems thinking and human-centered design to the real issues you’re facing. In addition, you and your team will learn how to collaborate more effectively. And, you’ll be able to apply these techniques to future issues as they arise.

Don’t worry, no prior drawing experience is necessary. In fact, the less confident you are in your artistic abilities, the more fun you may have.

(A Comic that Outlines the Process: Click on the panels to make them larger)

Step one in process to creating systems thinking approach for your business.

Step two in process to creating systems thinking approach for your business. Cartoon of process by David Borden.
Step two in process to creating systems thinking approach for your business.

Step three in process to creating systems thinking approach for your business. Cartoon of process by David Borden.

Who can benefit?
Individuals, teams, and organizations.



Link to video on Facebook of me teaching cartooning.

What Makes Me Qualified to Facilitate your Retreat?

David leading a cartooning class at the Arc of the Capital Area
Leading a class on cartooning and comics

David Borden has taught in and managed educational programs in the United States and abroad. After returning to the States, he served as the Executive Director of Adult Education at Austin Community College. While at ACC, he transformed his division into a nationally recognized model. TALAE named David Administrator of the Year 2015.  While at ACC, the President and CEO of the district appointed him to lead the Student Success Initiative devoted to Developmental and Adult Education. In his tenure, he managed multi-million dollar budgets, hundreds of employees, and won over $20 million in grant funds. In addition, he has published articles, books, and given numerous presentations on teaching excellence, curriculum, adult learning theory, innovation, and educational administration. Currently, he oversees an innovative project aimed at fast-tracking non-traditional students into high-demand occupations in Information Technology, Healthcare, and Skilled Trades.

David has not only excelled in the higher education arena, but in the creative sphere. He’s an award-winning writer and artist who’s published several books including “And Yet We Rise,” a graphic novel. He has taught comics and cartooning classes in Austin and shown fine art in local galleries.

He’s excited about combining design and systems thinking with comics and storytelling to solve complex problems facing you or your organization.

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