The Altruist Card from the White Cat Oracle deck
The 7 card from the suit of Kittens

How could Tarot or Oracle cards possibly make you healthier? First you should ask yourself: Are you stressed? Are you feeling that your modern lifestyle is devouring your health and wellness? Do you feel out of control, anxious, isolated? As our world becomes increasingly more complex you probably feel divorced from your natural and spiritual sides.

Most Americans report increased stress levels in the workplace, as well as at home. We are balancing relationships, driving children to multiple activities and caring for aging parents. If that weren’t bad enough, even when the economy is booming, you feel financial pressures.

In this article, I outline how Tarot or Oracle Cards help people to relieve stress. Recent research shows that people who do card readings for themselves are engaging in self-reflection, which helps them take back more control, and feel better about life.

The Seven Ways Oracle Cards Make You Healthier

  1. Self-Reflection
  2. focusing on the now
  3. taking time for yourself
  4. keeping an eye on personal development
  5. tuning in to yourself
  6. getting unstuck
  7. tapping into magic

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7 Ways Tarot and Oracle Cards Make you Healthier
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