Many of you had a chance to see my White Cat Oracle Deck recently. Just a few days before the PopCats Show, my prototype deck arrived in the mail. I debated whether I should even bring it. You know artists, always nervous about what people will think of their creations. I gathered my courage and made a sign proclaiming free One-Card Readings… which had less to do with finding interested customers, and more to do with creating a situation in which I would have to try the cards out.

To my surprise, the cards were a hit. If I’d had decks, I could have sold out. People wanted to purchase multiple decks. They told me which of their friends would want a deck. I did readings to people who crossed their arms and stared. I gave readings to people who jumped up and down and clapped with delight. I gave readings to people who cried and thanked me. Several seasoned Tarot readers grew serious, looked me in the eye, and told me that the deck was “dead on,” “amazing,” and “eerily accurate.”

If you missed all the fun and you’re curious about the cards, you can see a few samples at

I wish I could tell you they were for sale right now… but I can’t. Here’s the deal: I need to raise funds to make the order. I’m going to do a Kickstarter in February. (For those of you unfamiliar with Kickstarter: it’s a website that helps creators raise startup capital for projects from people, such as yourself. You can read more at:

What? Why so far away?

Well, that’s when I’ll be able to do it right… without rushing. The holidays are coming fast. These cards have been over two years in the making, they can wait a few more months. The humorous, brilliantly illustrated deck will come with a “how to” book and we’ll have gobs of goodies for rewards. If you have reward suggestions, please send them to me at I’d love to hear from you.


Charlie Cat admiring a cat poster by Ruby Borden
Charlie admiring a Cat Poster

You’re in luck. I’ve got several options.

I’d like to invite you to check out . The best place on the internet for learning about how to tell fortunes using cat behaviors. Take a second and subscribe or bookmark it because, in addition to cat divination, there will be videos of how to use the White Cat Oracle Cards, and fun cat facts.

Keep us in mind for your holiday shopping needs. Maybe you saw a Buddha Cat or Godzilla shirt at a recent show, and regret not getting it.  Grab yours while supplies last (Already sold out of Godzilla smalls). You may have wanted one of those sharp 11 x 17 cat posters by Ruby. Here’s your chance:

We’re also open for commissions. You want to bowl people over this year with the most awesome present ever? Contact us about doing a commission: everything from elegant drawings to grand paintings. Doesn’t hurt to inquire, does it? You’ll never pay for a professional photograph again. Photos fade. Quality art is an heirloom worth every penny.


We appreciate how you see us as your best kept secret… and we love that. We are not interested in growth. We’re interested in spreading the word among your coolest friends and relatives, though. So, feel free to forward this message, share our web address, and such… just be selective, please. We only want to work with the most awesome people around. We’re not looking for a mass market, just the folks who “get it.”


I’m not going to drop a spoiler, but improbable things are in the works to be announced soon. Check back from time to time.

ABOUT SCRIBBLEFIRE: is the father daughter team of David and Ruby Borden. Our goal is to deliver happiness through fun stuff, cats, and art… lots of art. We hope that after hanging out with us, you feel divine.

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White Cat Oracle: The Divination, Art and Felidomancy
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