cat divination

Receive clarity and insight by tapping into the power and mystery of our feline friends.

The White Cat Oracle deck is for people who love divination and cats and want a deck that perfectly combines the quirkiness and unpredictability of both. Unlike tarot, this deck draws on the wisdom of cats, and so, for cat people, the deck is intuitive, powerful, and fun. This is not another cat themed Tarot Deck. This is an oracle deck with its own internal logic. It comes with a detailed, instructional ebook.

  • Gain knowledge that could improve your health and well-being
  • Increase your happiness
  • Find divine love
  • Inquire about your pathway to wealth
  • Explore the joy of cat divination for yourself, your friends, and clients
  • And much more…

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White Cat Oracle Deck with Dreamer card turned up

The White Cat Oracle is purring for you…

The stories and ideas you build with your cards can help you gain new perspectives. You become the teller of your own fortune. You become the narrator in your hero’s journey… the master of your destiny. A lot of people claim that reading oracle cards, even if just for themselves, provides comfort, insight into themselves, and a sense of meaning and connection to something greater than themselves.

The White Cat Oracle Wild Card

How are the White Cat Cards Organized?

The deck consists of six suits: Lions, Tigers, Jaguars, Kittens, Sphinx, and Chimeras. Each suit has 9 cards. The six suits of nine equals 54 cards, plus the White Cat Oracle, renders a deck of 55. The deck draws deeply from symbolism and numerology with a sprinkling of history. Cat divination has never been so vibrant and fun with cards that express the mystery and mischievousness of our feline friends. 

The cards are a standard Tarot size: 2.75 x 4.75 inches. The card stock is a blue core.

The White Cat Oracle Deck by Artist David Borden
55 Cards in the Deck

The White Cat Oracle cards come with a FREE Instructional eBook

Excerpt from the ebook:

“The ancients also believed that cats could store sunlight and moonlight in their eyes for use in the dark. Presumably, they would need this ability to hunt rats in the granaries, but also to navigate the dark realms beyond our imaginations. Modern science has shown us that cats don’t, in fact, store light in their eyes, but have “mirrors” behind their retinas that magnify their night vision. I don’t know which is more mystical or compelling: to store light for the darkest of times, or the ability to magnify and reflect the tiniest amounts of light in the darkness?”

Download the FREE Instruction book for Cards.

The Instruction book provides an overview to the cards, an explanation of each card, and detailed descriptions on how to use the cards in a variety of spreads.

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Doing a reading from the White Cat Oracle

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