UP COMING SHOWS: Pop Cats, STAPLE!, and Comic Con

We’ll be exhibiting and selling awesome merch at shows in August and September. If you want a discount code to Comic Con and learn more click here.¬†https://scribblefire.com/upcoming-events/

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Retreats, Classes, and Consulting

Mindfulness Art Retreats (All stills… including “no skills” welcome and encouraged) Are you interested in getting away from the fast life and see the world like an artist? If so, a Mindfulness Art Retreat may be for you. Click here

Ruby reading to her sister Savannah. Drawing by David Borden

And Yet We Rise, Graphic Novel

The ground breaking graphic novel that dares to tackle the difficult subject of caring for someone who will not get better.

book cover: Make America Purr Again by David and Ruby Borden. Cover depicts Charlie Cat purring.

Make America Purr Again Book of Cat Wisdom

Need to feel better about the world?


Letter Story

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Cat Divination

Enter the mysterious and mischievous world of cat divination with the White Cat Oracle deck in order to gain clarity and insight into your future.