Have you ever marveled at a Celtic knot?

Have you ever tried to draw a Celtic knot? They’re more difficult than they appear until you get the hang of it… and even then, I find them to be a challenge, as you can see in the video below. There are five false starts before I could muster up the courage to film.

A Celtic knot represents eternity or infinity because it has no beginning and no end. I find that drawing them is weirdly relaxing. Not relaxing in the sense of hanging out on a beach, but mesmerizing, in a way that puts me into “flow”– you know, that state in which time evaporates. A Celtic knot is a puzzle. Its construction is a brain exercise and a spiritual practice, much like building a mandala.

I’ve incorporated Celtic knot design into a project I call “Flightless.”

Celtic knot border design on letter story number 7 by David Borden
Celtic design on letter 7 from “Flightless”

Next month, “Flightless” will celebrate 1 year of publication. It’s amazing to believe that what started with a tiny handful of close friends has branched out to a wider audience. Maybe it’s time you rediscover the magic of snail mail. So many patrons have told me how fun it is to get real mail for a change, instead of junk, bills, and solicitations.

Each month, Assana, a young sorceress, living in the land of Aos writes you a fully-illustrated letter. The letters recount her harrowing adventure to unravel the mystery surrounding a dragon. I’ve posted a page from letter 7 here, so you can get an idea of what the letters are like.

Ancient European, illuminated manuscripts and Celtic design suffuse much of my art.

Celebrate this Milestone with me.

If you are interested in starting your own adventure, you can try the first letter for free. Visit the ScribbleFire website and complete the on-line submission form, or you can just email me , or better yet, send me a real letter (click for addresses) with your snail mail address. If you sign up for a month to month subscription on Patreon at: You can chose a paper letter subscription for $3/ per month or an electronic subscription for $2. As part of my 1 year celebration, if you subscribe before October 31, 2017, you will become a Savannah’s Circle Member of ScribbleFire.

What are the benefits of becoming a Savannah’s Circle Member?

  • You will receive a membership card, which is a 2 x 3 limited edition, signed and numbered print. Your membership number will be the print number (for example: 4/50)
  • A life-time 10% discount on products and services offered on ScribbleFire.com
  • My eternal gratitude and behind the scenes access, invitations, and exclusive promotions.

Come join the revolution.


Celtic Knot Design and Celebration

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