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Celtic Dragon from the letter story, Flightless, by David Borden

I don’t know what’s more disturbing, that dragons are real or that our most trusted public officials lied to us about it. Apparently, high officials in the government kept their reemergence a secret, feeding us stories about fictitious Goblin incursions. I know that the Queen has done a lot to try to restore faith in the system with the Truth Commission, but it seems too little, too late. For generations we lived under false assumptions and false stories. The whole history of the First Dragon War has been rendered suspect. If they would lie about such important things, what about the small things? Like me, you may have come to question what is real and whom to trust.

These uncertainties exacerbate already high stress levels from modern life. If you don’t get your stress under control, there are a variety of consequences. Long-term stress can lead to depression, relationship problems, heart disease, high blood pressure, and chronic ailments, such as obesity. If unchecked, these issues can lead to an untimely death.

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Flying woman in a night sky from Flightless, a letter story by David Borden

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Each letter is 8-10 pages of fun.

Cloaked man riding a horse in the dark by David Borden

Reader Review

“I just finished reading your first installment and enjoyed it thoroughly.” — Beverly Veltman

The Story

Step into Aos, a mythical world of dragons, strange creatures, and harrowing adventure! Assana, your letter writing host, wants nothing better than carry on her family tradition as a sorceress. However, her study is interrupted when she encounters Kai, a boy from the farthest reaches of the empire. A dragon has leveled his village, even though no one has seen a live dragon in over five hundred years. What’s more mysterious is that Assana and Kai share matching amulets. Together, they undertake an heroic quest. In the process, they get swallowed in a sea of intrigue and treachery and meet a wide array of amusing and unusual characters. They unravel the mystery of the dragon and its ancient curse. Using cunning and perseverance, Assana learns that magic comes in many forms and that flying is within our grasp.

A sample page from letter #9

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Sample image from a page of the Flightless story. Celtic border with city of Avonmora by David Borden

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About the Author

photograph of writer artist, David Borden
David Borden

David Borden is an award-winning artist and writer. Once, long ago, he sold everything and moved to Morocco for five years.  After his oldest daughter, Savannah, passed away, he reevaluated his life and priorities. She taught him to laugh loudly, face every day with courage, and dare to dream. His foray into publishing is a direct result of her influence. In addition, David is a highly sought-after public speaker and trainer. His friends and colleagues have described him as unconventional and irreverent. He’s publishing a graphic novel about his life with Savannah in April 2017.