Comic: life cycle of politicians by David Borden. Shows the first politician as a dinosaur, last as a post-apocalyptic lizard.

At the Swim Center

My teen-aged daughter swims laps in the crowded pool. Rubber swim caps and froth. Back and forth they splash. I sit in the parent area. A boy does his homework. Parents fiddle with their phones. And they all have phones. A lone woman reads a book. Suburbanites don’t read anymore, I suppose. A two year old yelps in flip flops. One woman, who still wears her work dress and high heels balances a laptop on her crossed legs, extending her work day. A shirt on the back of a man reads: Never Quit, and I wonder at the wisdom of that statement.

A Meditation on Quitting

Sometimes quitting is the best thing you can do. There is a time for quitting, for saving your reserves. Quitting isn’t losing. Quitting is quitting. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes no one wins (especially the person who thought they won), sometimes the activity isn’t competitive, and sometimes we quit. Wisdom is knowing in which situation you play to win, play to lose, quit, or refrain from playing at all.

I’ve heard people say: If you don’t play, you have no chance of winning. These people are usually selling you something, such as a losing lottery ticket. Maybe the winner is the person who knows the game’s rigged. People rail about how we should vote. But people don’t vote because our our politicians don’t represent us. They represent themselves and a small base. If only 30% of the population votes, maybe that’s because the candidates only represent 30% of the people. No politician ever championed my opinions. I’ve never heard a politician and thought: that there politician believes what I believe. For the most part, they’re self-serving narcissists who come and go and nothing much changes because of them, but rather, in spite of them.

Many politicians are like T. Rex. Drawing by David BordenSuch is the Life Cycle of Politicians.

One day we’ll outgrow politicians and we won’t have to listen to their pandering and partisanship. Wouldn’t that be lovely? The day we quit government. Walk away in favor of anarchy… not anarchy in the sense of chaos, but in its true political meaning: local self rule.

One can dream.

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Swimming, Quitting, and The Life Cycle of Politicians