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Real Mail:

The ScribbleFire Method to

Building Better Personal Relationships

by Penning an Authentic Letter

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“Borden’s letter writing book is a brilliant, inspiring book that will get you excited about writing–and receiving–letters again. His revival of this formerly lost art is right on time and will likely inspire a new movement.”

— C.M. Gill, Author of Essential Writing Skills for College and Beyond

Editorial Review:

Don’t you remember the joy of receiving a letter in your mail box? (what is now referred to in many circles as snail mail) This fun, how-to guide will rekindle you interest in the nearly lost art of letter writing. Borden aptly argues that we should slow down and enjoy the art of personal communication by reconnecting to snail mail. You can’t doodle in an email. You can’t add a scent, a pen flourish, or a sticker. But with snail mail, you can share a bit of intimacy that has been lost in the cold electrons of the internet. Borden provides clear, helpful guidance and samples letters, including  business letters, cover letters, resignation letters, and love letters. His signature, black-line illustrations pop off the page. This concise writing companion is essential for students and experts alike.

We hope this ebook rekindles your love of correspondence and encourages you to send a letter to someone sooner than later.

To receive a letter, you have to send a letter. So, surprise someone, brighten their day, write a letter to that special someone: Parent, grandparent, estranged sibling, romantic partner. You don’t need a holiday or birthday to tell them you are thinking of them. Even if you just jot down an “I’m thinking of you,” and send it, I guarantee, you will put a smile on their face and fill their heart with warmth. So, what are you waiting for?

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